New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Multiplexes - 120/503

NJ 120/CR 503 Multiplex

Southern Unofficial End

120 and 503 appear to begin together at NJ 3 in East Rutherford by signage. In fact, only 120 begins at 3.

120 south at 3.

First sign on 120 north.

3 east with no sign of 503.

South Service Road east along NJ 3 east. The first sign appears to have been made with room for 503 but it could have been a Meadowlands shield.

3 west. In the background of the second sign there is a "TO 503" assembly. Second photo taken by Chris Mason.
Along the Unofficial Multiplex

The clearest signage showing the multiplex on 120 north and a view of the freeway. Last photo taken 8/24/00 by Ray Martin.

No 503 signs on 120 south.
Northern Unofficial End

503 begins at and appears to leave 120 in East Rutherford. Signage in the southbound direction does not show the multiplex.

503 north begins from 120 north. First photo taken 8/24/00 by Ray Martin.

120 south at the beginning of 503, correctly only signed to the north.
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