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US 9W Ends

Original Southern End

Until 1929, US 9W ended along what is now NJ 93 at US 1/US 9 in Ridgefield.

1/9 south at the south end of 93, historically 1 south/US 9E south at the south end of 9W.
Historic Southern End

9W was moved in 1929 to what is now the southern end of NJ 67 at NJ 5.

5 east, historic 9 north, at the wye intersection at the historic south ends of 9W to the left and 9E to the right.

67 south now bears left on the wye toward 5 east (Central Blvd.), but historically, 9W south followed this leg to the right toward 9 south (now 5 west). 9E south ended at the merge ahead.
Historic Extended Southern End

US 9 was moved to the Outerbridge Crossing from 1930-1934, and 9W was extended south along its former routing to meet it at what is now NJ 35/NJ 184 in Perth Amboy.

Grove St. east, now the frontage road for NJ 440 north but historically was the path of 9 north from the south end of 9W.
Interim Southern End

US 9 was moved to follow US 1 to the Holland Tunnel in 1934 until the George Washington Bridge opened, so US 9W was truncated to Tonnelle Ave. entering the Tonnele Circle.

1/9, briefly just 9W, south at Tonnele Circle.

1/9 north (Pulaski Skyway) at Tonnele Circle. 1/9 had not yet been moved to the Skyway in 1934 so this was NJ 25 Link.

The ramp from 25 Link north into Tonnele Circle. 1/9/NJ 25 entered from the left.

Original US 1/9/NJ 25 north (left bridge, later US 1/9 Truck and NJ 25T) and NJ 25 Link north (right bridge, Pulaski Skyway, became 25 mainline and now US 1/9) at the Tonnele Circle exit where 9W began. The left bridge is now gone.

The former alignment of 1/9 Truck north and original 1/9/25 mainline at Tonnele Circle, now maintained as a ramp from realigned 1/9 Truck.
Southern End

9W ends at US 1/US 9/I-95/NJ 4/US 46 in Fort Lee.

9W south ends at Bridge Plaza South in the 1/9/95/4/46 interchange.

9W north begins.

4 east at its end. Exit 72 is 95's numbering and leads to the beginning of 9W.

1/9 north and 46 east at the exit to 9W.

Old and new signs on the ramp from 1/9/95 north and 4/46 east to 9W.

Fletcher Ave. north at 1/9/95/4/46. 9W begins ahead at the traffic signal.

1/9/95 south and 46 west on the Lower Level roadway, second photo taken by John Krakoff.
Northern End

9W enters New York in Alpine.

9W south from New York entering New Jersey. First photo was taken by Bill Mitchell.

9W south in 1973, taken by Michael Summa.

9W north entering New York.
Historic Northern End

9W was originally routed along what is now CR 501 to enter New York in Rockleigh.

Historic 9W north at the state line, now where NY 340 north begins.

NY 340/historic 9W south at the state line. Taken 12/1/02 by Charlie O'Reilly.
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