New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - US 9E

Historic US 9E Ends

US 9E existed from 1926 until 1930, paired with US 9W. It then became US 9 and was routed to cross the Outerbridge into Staten Island.
Original Southern End

Until 1929, US 9E ended along what is now US 1/US 9 at NJ 93 in Ridgefield.

1/9 south at the south end of 93, historically 1 south/9E south at the south end of US 9W.
Historic Southern End

9E was moved in 1929 to end along NJ 5 at the south end of US 9W (now NJ 67) and the north end of US 9.

5 east, historic 9 north, at the wye intersection at the historic south end of 9W. 9E began to the right.

67 south now bears left on the wye toward 5 east (Central Blvd.), but historically, 9W south followed this leg to the right toward 9 south (now 5 west). 9E south ended at the merge ahead.
Historic Northern End

9E ended at the former ferry docks by Dempsey Ave. in Edgewater. It was probably not officially defined to use the ferry.

What is now CR 505 south at Dempsey Ave. 9E north either ended here or turned left to end at the docks.

505 north where 9E south historically began.
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