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Historic I-95 Mercer (95M) Ends

95M was the internal number for signed I-95 around Trenton from 1974 until the completion of the 95/PA Turnpike interchange in 2018. (It was 129 prior to that.) The FHWA approved an extension of I-295 around Trenton and into Pennsylvania back to the new interchange, eliminating 95M.
Historic Southern End

95M entered Pennsylvania on the Scudders Falls Bridge in Ewing, now I-295.

I-95 north on the original bridge as 95M began.
Original Northern End

In anticipation of the Somerset Freeway connection, 95M was originally designated to a ghost interchange between I-95 Exits 4-5 (now I-295 Exits 72-71) in Hopewell Twp. A few ramp stubs were paved and grading was left for the proposed freeway as well as connection to a potential NJ 31 freeway that was also never built. 95M ended here until cancellation of the freeway in 1982.

I-295 south at the planned ramp from the Somerset Freeway (95) south. 95M north turned into 295 south here.
Historic Northern End

Upon cancellation of the Somerset Freeway, 95M was extended to US 1 in Lawrence Twp. Signed I-95 replaced I-295 and Exits 5-8 replaced Exits 71-68.

Signs like this connected travelers from 95M north on an all-freeway route to the NJ Turnpike and 95 north. The first one was located shortly before the end of 95M at the 1 interchange and the second was after that point on 295 south.

295 north ended at 1 and 95M south began.

1 south at the beginnings of 95 and 295 south.
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