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I-95 Ends

Historic Southern Segment

Until 2018, I-95 was signed on a portion of the northern freeway bypass of Trenton, internally numbered 95M, in anticipation of the Somerset Freeway being built. Although the freeway was cancelled in 1985, 95 was not removed until the connection of 95 in Pennsylvania to the PA Turnpike in 2018, at which point I-295 was extended over the rest of I-95 around Trenton and north of the PA Turnpike. See the 95M page for photos.
Southern End

I-95 enters Pennsylvania on the NJ Turnpike Delaware River Bridge in Burlington Twp.

95 south across the state line.
Historic Southern End

I-95 was designated west along what is now I-287 from NJ Turnpike Interchange 10 approximately to Exit 4, where the Somerset Freeway was planned to tie in. This remained the situation until the proposed freeway was cancelled in 1982.
Interim Southern End

In 1982, I-95 was shifted to the NJ Turnpike and extended to Interchange 8A (NJ 32). For a short time, the state still tried to get a revised alignment approved, but by 1985 those attempts were aborted and I-95 was extended to its current end.

The "Dual-Dual Roadway" configuration was extended to Interchange 8A, perhaps in anticipation of a revised Somerset Freeway tie-in. Here 95 north splits into Inner and Outer Roadways.

Advance 95 south sign for the exit would have been changed to show I-95 and possibly Trenton.

One can only imagine what would have changed on the ramp from the Turnpike to 95 south.
Northern End

I-95 enters New York on the George Washington Bridge with US 1/US 9 in Fort Lee.

1/9/95 north on the bridge's Upper Level. Taken 5/5/02 by Chris Mason.

1/9/95 north on the Lower Level. Taken 8/24/99 by Ray Martin.

"Entering New York" on the Lower Level.

1/9/95 south at the state line on the Upper Level.

1/9/95 south at the state line on the Lower Level. Taken 8/24/99 by Ray Martin.
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