New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - 94

NJ 94 Ends

Historic Southern End

Until December 1953, 94 ended at US 46 in Delaware at what is now NJ 163.

This was the historic end of 94 south at what was 46 and is now 163, signed as Lackawana Rd.

46 west at what is now 163. 46 historically bore right and 94 north began to the left.

163 south at its end, historically 46 east at the merge of 94 south from the right. 46 east historically continued straight.

Unsigned 163, historically 46 west past the diverge from 94.
Southern End

94 ends at the Pennsylvania border on the Portland-Columbia Bridge in Columbia, Knowlton Twp.

Looking north along the Delaware River near the border.

PA 611 north at the west end of the bridge. 94 begins midspan. Photo taken by Doug Kerr.

94 north at 46 leaving the bridge.

94 south leaves 46 east toward Portland, PA. The US 611 shield is now outdated but is from when US 611 followed what is now 80 through the Delaware Water Gap and met US 46 in Columbia (and before that, in PA until the Delaware Bridge was removed).

South past the end of 94 into Pennsylvania.
Historic Southern Segment - Northern End

Until 1963, 94 existed in two distinct segments due to a planned new alignment that was never built. The southern segment ended at US 206/CR 519 in downtown Newton.

Originally, 94 north ended at the previous entrance to the town square (High St.) and this was 519 north turning left from 206 south onto 206 north.

Originally, 206/519 north left the square here and 206/519 south entered. 94 south began at High St. a block to the left.
Historic Northern Segment - Southern End

Until 1963, the northern segment began in North Church, which is in the vicinity of North Church Rd. (Sussex CR 631) in Hardyston.
Northern End

94 enters New York in Vernon.
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