New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - 93/S5

NJ 93/Historic NJ S5 Ends

S5 was renumbered to 93 in 1953.
Southern End

93 ends at US 1/US 9 in Ridgefield.

1/9 south at the south end of 93.
Historic Northern End

93 originally only extended as far north as US 46 in Palisades Park. It was extended north to its current end in 1954.

46 east at the former end of 93.
Northern End

93 ends at Van Nostrand Ave. just north of NJ 4 along CR 501 in Englewood.

93 north at 4. Mile END is signed here but the route extends through the interchange.

501 south turns onto Grand Ave. from Van Nostrand Ave. at the beginning of 93 south.

501/Truck CR 505 north from Van Nostrand Ave.

4 west at the north end of 93, which officially ends just to the north after taking the first ramp. Last photo taken 5/26/02 by Doug Kerr.

Newer sign on 4 west omits NJ 93.
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