New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - US 9

US 9 Ends

Southern End

9 begins at the Cape May Ferry Terminal in Lower Twp. One might consider the ferry crossing of the state line to be the unofficial end.

9 south entering the queuing area and up to the terminal building.

Looking north from the Cape May-Lewes Ferry at the Cape May terminal at the approximate state border in the center of Delaware Bay.

The northbound ferry entering the terminal where 9 officially begins.

9 north leaving the terminal facility.
Historic Southern End

Until US 9 was extended along Sandman Blvd. to the ferry in 1971, it ended in downtown Cape May at the south end of what is now 109.
Original Southern End

9 ended at US 30 at what is now the south end of NJ 157 in Absecon until it was extended in the 1930s.
Original Northern End

9 originally ended at the south end of what is now NJ 93, which was original US 9W.

1/9 south at the south end of 93, historically 1 south/US 9E south at the south end of 9W. 9W and 9E came together to form 9.
Original Extended Northern End

9 was extended along NJ 5 and ended at what is now NJ 67 in Fort Lee from 1929-1930, where it split into US 9W and US 9E.

5 east, historic 9 north, at the wye intersection at the historic south ends of 9W (left, modern NJ 67) and 9E (right).

67 south now bears left on the wye toward 5 east (Central Blvd.), but historically, 9W south followed this leg to the right toward 9 south (now 5 west). 9E south ended at the merge ahead.
Historic Northern End

In 1930, US 9E was eliminated and US 9 was moved to the Outerbridge Crossing, entering New York in Perth Amboy until 1934.

Historic 9 north, now NJ 440 north, at the Outerbridge Crossing.

NY 440/historic 9 north across the border. Taken by Lou Corsaro.

440/historic 9 north at the New York state line, taken 7/30/00 by Ray Martin.

440/historic 9 south at the state line. First photo taken 7/30/00 by Ray Martin and second photo taken 6/5/02 by Chris Mason.
Interim Northern End

US 9 was moved to follow US 1 to the Holland Tunnel in 1934 until the George Washington Bridge opened, when it became US 9 Business.

East in the Holland Tunnel, historically 1 north and briefly US 9. Taken 7/3/99 by Ray Martin.

West in New York to the state line along historic 1/9 south.
Northern End

9 enters New York on the George Washington Bridge with US 1/I-95 in Fort Lee.

1/9/95 north on the bridge's Upper Level. Taken 5/5/02 by Chris Mason.

1/9/95 north on the Lower Level. Taken 8/24/99 by Ray Martin.

"Entering New York" on the Lower Level.

1/9/95 south at the state line on the Upper Level.

1/9/95 south at the state line on the Lower Level. Taken 8/24/99 by Ray Martin.
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