New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - I-80

I-80 Ends

Western End

I-80 enters Pennsylvania in Delaware Water Gap, Hardwick Twp.

80 west at the last exit in New Jersey, about to cross the Delaware River into Pennsylvania. Photo taken in 1976 by Michael Summa.

80 enters New Jersey on the bridge to the left, looking east from PA 611.

80 east after crossing the bridge.
Eastern End

I-80 ends at I-95 in Teaneck.

80 east at its end.

95 north at the beginning of its ramp to 80 west, then at the ramp split to Express and Local as 80 begins.

95 south. The left roadway is from the George Washington Bridge Upper Level and the right roadway is from the Lower Level.

Fort Lee Rd. (Bergen CR 12/56) east at 95 Exit 70, just east of 80. The ramps from CR 12/56 split to 80 west and 95 south.
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