New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - 8

Historic NJ 8 Ends

8 was replaced by NJ 94 in 1953.
Historic Southern End

8 ended at historic NJ 6 in Delaware.

This was the historic end of 8 south at what was 6 and is now NJ 163, signed as Lackawana Rd.

Historic 6 west at what is now 163. 6 bore right and 8 north began to the left.

163 south at its end, historically 6 east at the merge of 8 south from the right. 6 east continued straight.

Unsigned 163, historically 6 west past the diverge from 8.
Historic Northern End

8 ended at US 206/historic NJ 31 and NJ S31 in Newton.

8 north ended at the previous entrance to the town square (High St.). Here, 206/31 south turned right and 206/31 north were to the left.

Originally, 206 north left the square here and 206 south entered. 8 south began at High St. a block to the left.
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