New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - I-76/I-80S

I-76/Historic I-80S Ends

I-80S was renumbered to I-76 by FHWA in 1964.
Western End

I-76 enters Pennsylvania on the Walt Whitman Bridge in Gloucester City.

76 west onto the bridge, leaving the state midspan.

76 east entering New Jersey.
Eastern End

76 ends at I-295 and the north end of NJ 42 in Bellmawr.

76 east at 295. It becomes 42 past this point.

42 north at its end, first photo taken by Doug Kerr.

295 south through the 76/42 interchange. Construction is underway to reroute 295 to fly over 76/42 and Browning Road (the overpass in the first photo). 42 south begins and 76 east ends where 295 south leaves the interchange in the last photo.
Historic Northern End

Until 1973, I-76 used the Ben Franklin Bridge. This was the original intent but it was switched with I-676 due to uncertainty over completion of the Vine Stret Expwy. in Philadelphia.

30 west entering Pennsylvania and formerly 76 west.

30 east enters New Jersey. 76 east began at the state line due to lack of progress in PA.

Looking northwest toward Pennsylvania from Camden. The whole bridge is 30, and 76 began in the middle of the bridge and headed east (right) into NJ.
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