New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - 73/S41

NJ 73/Historic S41 Ends

S41 was renumbered to 73 in 1953.
Southern End

73 ends at US 322 in Folsom. This was once the end of 561 Spur and was the planned southern end of NJ S41A had the state taken over maintenance before 1953.

561 Spur south and now 73 south. Taken by Chris Mason.

322 east at 73 and historic 561 Spur, missing the Spur plaque.
Historic Southern End

In 1970, 73 was extended south along multiplexes with CR 561 and CR 561 Spur. It ended at the Atlantic City Expwy. (445) in Winslow until sometime around 2000 when it was extended to its current end.

73/561 Spur south at 445. The 445 west ramp to 73/561 Spur north is at bottom left. 73/561 Spur south bear right under 445 where 73 then historically ended. Photo taken by Lou Corsaro.

445 west, taken by Scott Colbert.
Original Southern End

73 ended at US 30 in Waterford Twp. just east of Berlin until 1970, when it was extended south over existing county roads. This was the end of S41 before 1953 and the planned northern end of S41A.

73 south at its former end.

30 east at 73, which originally only went north. Last photo taken by Scott Colbert.

30 west at the original beginning of 73 north.
Northern End

73 enters Pennsylvania on the Tacony-Palmyra Bridge in Palmyra.

73 south begins along the bridge.
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