New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - 72/S40

NJ 72/Historic NJ S40 Ends

S40 was renumbered to 72 in 1953.
Western End

72 ends at NJ 70 in Four Mile, Woodland Twp.

70 east at Four Mile Circle and 72 east beginning from the circle.

70 west in the circle. 72 east begins to the left and 70 west bears right.
Historic Eastern End

S40 ended at US 9 in Manahawkin until after 1941.

NJ 72 west at 9. The interchange postdates 1953, but S40 joined 72's alignment just west of it.

9 south approaching and at the former east end of 72. The LBI sign predates the modern 72 alignment since one cannot turn left at the interchange.

These bridge abutments are on the ramp from 9 south to 72 west, dating to when this was the east end of S40.
Eastern End

72 ends at Long Beach Blvd. (Ocean CR 607) in Ship Bottom.

CR 607 north at the beginning of 72 west. 72 east ends a block to the south on 9th St.

72 west from CR 607 at its first traffic signal, Central Ave.
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