New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - 4N/71

NJ 71/Historic Route 4N Ends

4N was renumbered to 71 in 1953.
Southern End

71 ends at NJ 35 in Brielle.

71 south under 35. 71 south bears left and ends at 35 south, with ramps ahead to Higgins Ave.
Historic Southern End

4N originally was only the northern section of 71, meeting 35 on 8th Ave. in Belmar. What is now the rest of 71 to the south was bypassed in 1929 and 4N was extended.

71 south at 35, the historic end of 4N south. After 1929, 71/historic 4N turn left onto 35 briefly.
Northern End

71 ends at 35 in Eatontown.

35 north at 71. 71 south is to the right and so was CR 537 east, historically.

35 south/historic 537 east nearing 71. Traffic turning left on 71 south has to use Lewis St. as a jughandle. First photo taken by Chris Mason.

The first 71 south reassurance, at the time multiplexed with 537, looking east from 35. Taken by Chris Mason.
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