New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - 700P

Historic NJ Turnpike Pennsylvania Extension (700P) Ends

Upon its completion, the Pennsylvania Extension was numbered 700P, consistent with the numbering of the mainline Turnpike as 700. The number remained until 1985, when the efforts to build the I-95 Somerset Freeway were exhausted and it was decided to route I-95 on the Turnpike mainline and the Pennsylvania Extension to the PA state line, anticipating action on Pennsylvania's part to complete the gap. 700P then became part of 95 and remains so upon closure of the gap in 2018.
Historic Western End

700P ended at the Pennsylvania state line on the Delaware River Bridge in Burlington Twp. and became I-276.

West across the state line as I-276 began.
Historic Eastern End

700P ended at the Turnpike mainline (700) at Interchange 6 in Mansfield.

These signs faced 700P east at 700. 95 north now continues toward New York.

These signs faced 700 south at 700P. 95 south now continues onto Exit 6 and 700 south begins here. First photo taken by Michael Summa in 1970.

Modern signs along what is now 95 south. "SOUTH 95" was added to the sign after completion of the connection from the Pennsylvania Tpk. to 95 in Pennsylvania in 2018.

700 north at the ramp leading to the historical beginning of 700P. Photos were taken in October 2010.
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