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Historic NJ Turnpike Newark Bay Extension (700N) Ends

Upon its completion, the Newark Bay Extension was numbered 700N, consistent with the numbering of the mainline Turnpike as 700. The number remained until 1977, when I-78 was completed through Newark to connect to Turnpike Interchange 14 and was extended east over 700N and into the Holland Tunnel.
Historic Western End

700N ended at NJ Turnpike (I-95) Interchange 14 in Newark.

Turnpike north approaching the interchange. US 9 should be on the sign, but what's interesting is I-78 is shown several years before 700N would be decommissioned. Photo was taken by Michael Summa in 1970.

These speed limit signs date to when the Extension was 700N. One is on what is now 78 east and the other is on the merging ramp from the Turnpike north.

Current photos along 95 north at the interchange. 700N headed east to exits 14A-14B-14C.

In this aerial photo, 700N began at this interchange and headed east (up) into the Newark Bay Bridge in the second photo. The mainline Turnpike runs from north (left) to south (right).
Historic Eastern End

700N ended at the merge with US 1 Business/US 9 Business in Jersey City, which were renumbered in 1988 to NJ 139.

These signs faced 1 Bus/9 Bus south as 700N west began to the right. (9 Bus was decommissioned prior to 1988, but not clear when, and likely overlapped the use of these signs starting in 1957.)

139 east looking toward the Holland Tunnel. Historically, 700N east ended to the right and 1 Bus/9 Bus north continued ahead.
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