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New Jersey Turnpike (700) Ends

700 was originally applied to the entire NJ Turnpike, but was shortened as I-95 was extended along it.
Southern End

700 ends at I-295, the west end of NJ 49, and the south end of US 130 while multiplexed with US 40 in Pennsville.

Advance signage on 700 south/40 west for an exit on 40 west/295 south, and then the overhead signage on 40 west/295 south right after 700 south ends. Second photo taken 1/15/02 by Ray Martin.

295 south, with 700 south about to merge into it while carrying 40 west.

295 north/40 east at the beginnings of 49, 130, and 700. Second photo taken by Alex Nitzman and third photo taken 8/10/99 by Ray Martin.

Old signs corresponding to the second photo above. Taken 3/95 by Alex Nitzman.

Aerial photo of the NJ side of the Delaware Memorial Bridge. 295/40 enter on the Delaware Memorial Bridge at bottom right. After passing through the 49/130 interchange, 295 north bears right and flies over to the top left. 40 continues straight toward top center with the beginning of 700.
Northern End

700 ends at I-95 (NJ Turnpike Pennsylvania Extension) in Mansfield.

700 north through the PA Extension interchange to where 95 north merges in from the right. Photos taken in October 2010 during construction to widen the mainline to four roadways.

700 south from 95 through the interchange. Photos taken in May 2011.

95 south takes Exit 6 and 700 south begins along the Turnpike mainline. "SOUTH 95" was added to the sign after completion of the connection from the Pennsylvania Tpk. to 95 in Pennsylvania in 2018.

The original Turnpike signs for the exit. Underneath the overhead gantry, 700 south begins to the left and 95 south exits to the right. First photo taken by Michael Summa in 1970.

95 north (PA Extension east) at Interchange 6. The ramp toward Camden leads to 700 south.
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