New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - I-676/I-680

I-676/Historic I-680 Ends

I-676 was I-680 until 1964, corresponding to FHWA changing I-80S to I-76.
Southern End

I-676 ends at I-76 in Gloucester City.

676 south merges into 76 east shortly after its last exit (1A).

76 west at the beginning of 676 north.

First guide sign on 676 north after leaving 76 west.
Historic Northern End

Until 1973, I-680 and then I-676 used the Walt Whitman Bridge. They switched with I-76 due to uncertainty over completion of the Vine Stret Expwy. in Philadelphia.

Onto the bridge, where 680 and then 676 left the state midspan.

Historic 680/676 entering New Jersey.
Northern End

Based on the FHWA definition, I-676 ends at the Pennsylvania state line on the Benjamin Franklin Bridge in Camden while multiplexed with US 30. PennDOT and DRPA consider it to connect to I-676 in Pennsylvania by following US 30, but the FHWA defines I-676 in PA to follow the Vine St. Expressway to I-95 instead of 30 to the bridge.

676 north/30 west entering Pennsylvania.

676 south begins as 30 east enters New Jersey.

Looking northwest toward Pennsylvania from Camden. The whole bridge is 30, and 676 begins in the middle of the bridge and heads east (right) into NJ.
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