New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - 62/S6

NJ 62/Historic NJ S6 Ends

S6 was renumbered to 62 in 1953.
Southern End

62 ends at US 46 in Totowa.

Passaic CR 646 (Union Blvd.) north at 46 west. 62 north begins ahead.

An older version of the last photo, prior to July 2004.

Old photos along 46 east. This was a direct loop ramp to 62 north prior to interchange reconstruction.

46 east at the reconstructed interchange, with 62 now signed.

The end of the ramp from 46 east to CR 646. 62 begins to the left.

46 west.
Northern End

62 ends at the north end of the I-80 interchange in Totowa.

62 south begins and crosses 80.

80 west at 62. Exit 55B joins Union Blvd. at the north end of 62, while Exit 55A joins 62 south shortly after its beginning.
Historic Northern End

In 1953, 62 was defined as ending along McBride Ave. at the Paterson city line (Glover Ave.). It is unknown when 62 was truncated through Totowa, but it may have coincided with completion of I-80 through this area in 1971.
Original Northern End

S6 likely ended on Market St. at Main St. in downtown Paterson for some number of years, maybe until the southern Paterson bypass of NJ 6/US 46 was built, but it was not state maintained inside city limits.
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