New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - US 611

Historic US 611 Ends

The Portland-Columbia Bridge (now NJ 94) and Delaware Water Gap Bridge (now I-80) both opened in 1953, at which point Pennsylvania and New Jersey agreed to route US 611 across both bridges, with US 611 Alternate remaining on the old route in PA. This reroute lasted until 1965, at which point enough of I-80 was complete in Pennsylvania (not yet in NJ) that it could be numbered on the new bridge and US 611 was moved back onto its previous route in PA.
Historic Southern End

US 611 entered Pennsylvania on the Portland-Columbia Bridge in Columbia, Knowlton Twp.

611 south exited toward Portland, PA, and US 46 east began to the left at that point instead of at I-80. The US 611 shield at the ramp gore remains from before 1965.

South past the end of 94 into Pennsylvania. Before 1965, 611 Alt north was to the right and 611 south continued straight. Now those are PA 611 north and south, and the bridge has no route number in PA.

Looking north along the Delaware River near the border.

PA 611 north at the west end of the bridge. 611 north continued straight and 611 Alt north began at this exit. Photo taken by Doug Kerr.

611 north, now 94 north, at 46 leaving the bridge.
Historic Northern End

611 entered Pennsylvania in Delaware Water Gap, Hardwick Twp.

80 west, formerly 611 north, at the last exit in New Jersey, about to cross the Delaware River into Pennsylvania. Photo taken in 1976 by Michael Summa.

611 entered New Jersey on the bridge to the left, looking east from what was then 611 Alt.

80 east, formerly 611 south, after crossing the bridge.
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