New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - 22/59

NJ 59/Historic NJ 22 Ends

22 was renumbered to 59 in 1953 due to US 22.
Southern End

59 ends at South Ave. (Union CR 610) in Cranford.

Overhead traffic signal signs facing 59 south and CR 610 east, respectively. 59 is not signed.

Northern End

59 ends at 28 (North Ave.) in Cranford.

59 north at its end. The NJ 59 overhead faces 28 west.

28 east.

Signs on the northeast corner of 59 and 28.

The bridge railing at the southwest corner of the intersection. 59 south is left and 28 west is right.

The other bridge railing is on the northeast corner. 28 east is right and at one time 59 north was planned to the left.
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