New Jersey Roads - Route Log - 5xx Ends - 583

CR 583 Ends

Historic Southern End

583 originally followed Calhoun St. and ended either at 29 or at the state line on the Calhoun Street Bridge.

Looking east from Pennsylvania to the state line and possible historic beginning of CR 583.
Southern End

583 now ends at Calhoun St in Trenton while multiplexed with US 206 south. All photos at this end were taken 7/2/2002 by Ray Martin.

Princeton Ave. south (officially 206 south/583 south) at Calhoun St. 583 south ends here, but it used to turn right onto Calhoun St. (now CR 653 south). 206 south continues straight.

The first reassurance on CR 653 south, historically also 583 south.

Looking northbound at the beginning of 583 north from CR 653 north.
Northern End

583 ends at NJ 27 in Princeton, just north of where 27 begins at 206.

27 south at 583; 27 ends just ahead at US 206.

583 south from 27.

All other photos at this end were taken 7/2/2002 by Ray Martin.

An older view of those signs on 27 south.

27 north from 206.

583 north at its end.

The first reassurance on 583 south.
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