New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - 25A/58

Historic NJ 25A/Historic NJ 58 Ends

25A was renumbered to 58 in 1953. 58 was assigned to the Stickel Drawbridge until I-280 was completed in 1971. It was still included in the 1990 Straight Line Diagrams, which was either an error by NJDOT or the number persisted internally. Maps reflected 58 into the 1990s as well.
Historic Western End

58 ended at a connector to Orange St. in Newark.

Former 58 east from Orange St. into the alignment of what is now 280.

Looking north at former 58 west, which ende at Orange St. to the left.
Historic Eastern End

58 ended at CR 508 (Harrison Ave.) in Harrison at what is now I-280 Exit 16.

280 east at Exit 16. 58 had at-grade intersections from here to 508.

508 west at the entrance to 280 west and the historic beginning of 58 west.
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