New Jersey Roads - Route Log - 5xx Ends - 577

CR 577 Ends

Southern End

577's southern end has been confirmed by the latest Straight Line Diagrams as being CR 509 in Westfield, in agreement with most signage.

577 south at 509.

509 south at 577. 509 turns left.

Nomahegan Dr. south proceeds straight into 509 south at the intersection. 509 north is to the left and 577 north is to the right.

509 north from 577.
Historic Southern End

For many years, 577 was considered to end on Main St. at NJ 124 in Springfield, just north of NJ 82. The route south of 124 was 509 Spur, with no multiplex through the intersection area.
Northern End

577 ends at CR 506 (Bloomfield Ave) in Verona, and turns into NJ 23 on the other side.

577 north at 506/23.

23 south at 506; 577 south begins straight ahead. These photos are from 9/22/2006, at which point this intersection was converted to a standard 4-way from the old configuration with a channelized left turn from 23 south to 506 east.

23 south prior to the intersection conversion, taken by Chris Mason.

There was once a second set of signals on 506 east from the end of 577 to control those channelized left turns. They were removed with intersection reconfiguration.

506 east approaching 577 (to the right) and 23 (to the left).

506 west approaching 577 and 23.
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