New Jersey Roads - Route Log - 5xx Ends - 573

CR 573 Ends

573 is completely multiplexed with the county-maintained portion of NJ 41 (formerly Temporary 41 until 2001) and is not in the Straight Line Diagrams. New signs still mention it, though, so I still consider it to be an active designation.
Southern End

573 ends at NJ 168 while NJ 41 continues southward.

41 north at 168.

168 north at 41/573.
Northern End

573 began multiplexed with 41 at a circle with NJ 70 in Cherry Hill. Now that the circle is removed, there are three possibilities for the northern end of 573. 573 could begin along 41 at the southern end of the 41/154 multiplex just south of 70. 573 could begin along 41 a block to the west of 154 where 41 turns onto Kings Highway and becomes county maintained. Or 573 could begin at the northern stub end of Kings Highway just south of the 41/70/154 intersection, in which case its northern end would be as an independent route.

41/154 south approaching their split just south of 70. 154 south is straight, and 41/573 south are to the right. Taken by Chris Mason.

41 north between Kings Hwy. and 154, possibly the end of 573 north.

The stub of Kings Hwy facing north toward 70 with 41 crossing to the right. This is the historic end of 573.

Looking south on Kings Hwy from that stub, the historic beginning of 573. The stub or the traffic signal in the background are both possible current endpoints for 573, if it still exists.

70 east at 41/154. The first right is directly onto Kings Hwy. (possibly 573) and the second is onto 41/154.

70 west at 41/154.
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