New Jersey Roads - Route Log - 5xx Ends - 569

CR 569 Ends

Southern End

All southern end photos taken 7/23/02 by Ray Martin. 569 ends at CR 533 (Quakerbridge Rd) in Lawrence.

569 south at 533; 533 south is to the right and 533 north is to the left.

533 north at 569 (unsigned); 569 north is to the left.

533 south at 569 (unsigned); 569 north is to the right.

569 north is straight ahead and 533 is both ways.
Historic Southern End

569 used to end at US 206 in Lawrence.

Overhead signs at the former southern end of 569.

All other old southern end photos taken 7/2/02 by Ray Martin.

US 206 south, now carrying 569 north on a short multiplex.

US 206 north at 569, with 569 north to the left and now 569 south ahead on a multiplex.

569 south at 206. 569 south now turns left.

First reassurance sign heading north from 206.
Northern End

565 ends at CR 518 (Broad St) in Hopewell.

569 south from 518; it lacks reassurance.

All other photos at this end were taken 7/2/02 by Ray Martin.

518 east.

518 west.

569 north at its end.
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