New Jersey Roads - Route Log - 5xx Ends - 561 Spur

CR 561 Spur Ends

CR 561 Spur is or was entirely multiplexed with NJ 73, south from where 561 branches off to US 322. Until the late 1990s, 73 was only signed as far south as the Atlantic City Expwy, but then signage was extended and 561 Spur disappeared from the Straight Line Diagrams. Whether it's still a route or not (573 isn't in the SLD's, for example) is up for debate.
Southern End

561 Spur ends or ended at US 322 in Folsom.

561 Spur south and now 73 south. Taken by Chris Mason.

322 east at 561 Spur, missing the Spur plaque.
Northern End

561 Spur ends at 561 in Winslow while multiplexed with 73.

561 Spur south with 73 from the 561 junction.

73/561 south at their split. 73 continues ahead, possibly with 561 Spur.

561 north at 73. 561 turns right onto 73 and 561 Spur begins or began to the left.
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