New Jersey Roads - Route Log - 5xx Ends - 561

CR 561 Ends

This page includes the four lettered routes 561A through 561D, which are pieces of former 561 that are still technically part of the route.
Southern End (561)

561 ends at US 9 in Galloway Township.

561 south at its end.

561 north from 9.

9 north.

9 south, taken by Lou Corsaro.
Northern End (561)

561 ends at 537 in Camden.

561 north between 537 (eastbound) and 537 Spur (westbound).
Southern End (561C)

Despite its letter designation, 561C is south of 561D (with A being the northernmost). It ends along Cedarbrook Rd. at 73 in Braddock, Winslow Twp.

561C south at the last turnoff for 73/561 north. Straight ahead is a merge with 73/561 south.
Northern End (561C)

561C ends at 536 west of 73 in Winslow.
Southern End (561D)

561D ends in a cul de sac next to 561 on Berlin Rd. in Gibbsboro.

561D south with modern 561 just behind.

A bicycle trail exits into the cul-de-sac with 561D north beginning to the left.
Northern End (561D)

561D ends at United States Ave. (Camden CR 699) in Gibbsboro.

CR 699 north displaying the "D" designation.
Southern End (561B)

561B ends on Foster Ave. at CR 699 in Gibbsboro.
Northern End (561B)

561B ends at Clementon Rd. (Camden CR 686) in Gibbsboro.

CR 686 south.
Southern End (561A)

561A ends on Haddon Ave. at CR 686 in Gibbsboro.

561A south at its southern end, CR 686 (Foster Ave.) in Gibbsboro.
Northern End (561A)

561A ends where Haddon Ave. junctions CR 561 north of Gibbsboro.

561 south at the beginning of 561A.
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