New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - 55

NJ 55 Ends

Southern End

55 ends at NJ 47 in Maurice River. It was intended to continue east to US 9 or the Garden State Parkway.

Because it was incomplete as a freeway, 55 transitions into an undivided "Super 2" to connect to 47. This is on 55 south as it enters the Super 2. Photo taken by Scott Colbert.

55 south merges into 47 south and its last milepost is after the merge point.

55 north from 47, last photo taken by Scott Colbert.

47 north as it leaves the 47-55 mainline on a jughandle.
Northern End

55 ends at NJ 42 in Deptford.

55 north ends, second photo taken by Doug Kerr.

First guide sign along 55 south.

Advance sign for 55 on 42 south.
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