New Jersey Roads - Route Log - 5xx Ends - 541

CR 541 Ends
Southern End

541 ends at US 206 in Shamong.

206 north.
Northern End

541 ends at US 130 in Burlington City.

541 north ends at 130 south.

130 north at 541, which ends at 130 south one block to the left.
Historic Northern End

541 originaly turned west on Mott Ave. (Burlington CR 632) in Burlington City before reaching 130 and ended at the 130/NJ 413 intersection. That has since been reconfigured with a jughandle from 130 north to 413 west, cutting off Mott Ave. I do not know when that changed.

On the 130 north-413 west jughandle, 541 south historically began straight along Mott Ave.

Mott Ave. west at Lincoln Ave. a block southeast of the end of 413. 541 north historically went straight to 413, but now traffic must turn right to get to 130/543 and can then either continue straight or turn left to meet 413.

413 south. 541 south once began across 130 as a bear left.
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