New Jersey Roads - Route Log - 5xx Ends - 540

CR 540 Ends

Western End

540 ends while multiplexed with NJ 140 at US 130, but it is not signed until 140 ends at US 40.

140/540 east from 130.

An earlier view taken by Chris Mason.

140/540 west at 130. Taken by Chris Mason.
Western Unofficial End

540 is signed to end at the east end of 140.

The mileposted end of 540 west and the signed beginning of 540 east. Second photo taken by Chris Mason.

40 east on the NJ Turnpike exit ramp at 140/540 also only signs 540 to the east.
Eastern End

540 ends at US 40 in Buena Vista.

40 east at 540, taken 5/19/2002 by Chris Mason.

40 east taken 9/23/2006.
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