New Jersey Roads - Route Log - 5xx Ends - 539

CR 539 Ends
Southern End

539 ends at US 9 in Tuckerton. All photos at this end were taken by Lou Corsaro.

539 north begins.

9 south.
Historic Northern End

539 ended at US 130 in Cranbury until 2019, though Middlesex County signage suggested earlier.

539 north, taken by Lou Corsaro.

130 north at what was then the northern end of 539, so this sign was in error.

539 north reassurance on Hightstown Rd. toward Cranbury, past the end of 539 at that time.
Northern End

In the 2019 Straight Line Diagrams, 539 has been extended to meet 535.

535 south turns right and 539 south begins ahead.
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