New Jersey Roads - Route Log - 5xx Ends - 536 Spur

CR 536 Spur Ends

Historic Southern End

As originally conceived and still indicated by signage, 536 Spur ended at the junction of US 322 and CR 536 in Williamstown. It was truncated when 322 was moved from Main St. in Williamstown to use the first few blocks of 536 Spur north to NJ 42.

322/536 east at the signed beginning of 536 Spur, taken by Lou Corsaro.

First reassurance for 536 Spur is technically only on 322 east. Taken by Lou Corsaro.
Southern End

536 Spur now ends where NJ 42 begins from US 322.

NJ 42 north MP 0, where US 322 west takes a jughandle (and should be signed TO 536 west). To the right from this shot, 536 Spur heads northward.

US 322 west in the same location.
Northern End

536 Spur ends at NJ 73 in Winslow.

73 south at the beginning of 536 Spur.
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