New Jersey Roads - Route Log - 5xx Ends - 533

CR 533 Ends
Southern End

533 ends where 524 also ends, at the White Horse Circle on US 206.

The first northbound reassurance on 533.

524 west at 206. 206 south is left, north is straight, and 533 north is to the right.

US 206 north at 524 and 533. 5th and last photos were taken 6/23/02 by Chris Mason.

Just after exiting from US 206 north; 533 is straight and 524 is to the right. These signs are just off the right side of the second photo from Chris Mason. Taken 7/2/2002 by Ray Martin.

Inside the former White Horse Circle. The roadway on the left takes 533 south traffic (exiting right in this photo) to 524 east. The roadway on the right (with yield markings) is the circle taking 206 north traffic to 533 north. The road bearing left leads back to 206.

US 206 south at 524 and 533. There are probably signs pointing US 206 to the right and I-195 east straight. Taken 7/2/2002 by Ray Martin.

533 south ends at US 206 and 524. Taken 7/2/2002 by Ray Martin.
Northern End

533 ended at CR 527 in downtown Bound Brook until it was extended through town in 2019.

527 south at 533, which used to begin to the right.

Looking east from the former end of 533 into downtown.

527 north leaving 533, seen from the stop bar on 533 north.
Northern End

533 now ends at Green Brook at the Bound Brook/Middlesex border.

533 north ends and becomes Middlesex CR 607.

The beginning of 533 south.
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