New Jersey Roads - Route Log - 5xx Ends - 530

CR 530 Ends

Historic Western End

530 used to continue across US 206 onto what is now NJ 38, on Pemberton Rd. and up Pine St. (now Burlington CR 612) to CR 537 in Mount Holly, until 1986.
Western End

530 ends at 206 and turns into 38.

206 south at 530 and 38. Second photo taken by Chris Mason.

38 east at 206; 530 east begins straight ahead. Taken 12/23/2001 by Alex Nitzman.

206 north at 38/530. Taken 12/23/2001 by Alex Nitzman.
Eastern End

530 ends while multiplexed with NJ 166 in Toms River Twp at the ends of CR 527 and CR 549.

166 south at the triple beginning of 527, CR 530, and CR 549. 530 begins straight ahead through the intersection, though with recent reconstruction the next block cannot be driven west.

Prior to becoming one-way north/east, this was 166 south/530 west at the first sign for 530 where it splits to the west.

549 south at 166; 530 begins to the left.
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