New Jersey Roads - Route Log - 5xx Ends - 528 Spur

CR 528 Spur Ends

CR 528 Spur has been replaced by CR 670 and CR 616 in Camden, Burlington, and Ocean Counties.
Historic Western End

528 Spur ended in Pennsauken at US 130.

130 north at Burlington CR 670, former 528 Spur. CR 541 Truck begins just to the east.
Historic Eastern End

528 Spur ended at CR 528 in New Egypt.

528 east. The first photo was intended to indicate 528 Spur is to the right, not 528 in both directions. The second photo has the arrow oriented incorrectly, as 528 east bears left. Second photo taken by Scott Colbert.

528 west. Signs were generally correct but in poor condition.

CR 616 east at CR 528 and the historic end of 528 Spur.
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