New Jersey Roads - Route Log - 5xx Ends - 522

CR 522 Ends

Historic Western End

522 ended at US 1 along Ridge Rd. (now Middlesex CR 681) in South Brunswick until Promenade Blvd. was built.

On the jughandle from 1 north to CR 681, taken by Lou Corsaro.
Western End

522 ends at US 1 in South Brunswick.

522 east from 1.

1 north.

1 south, first two photos taken by Lou Corsaro.

Views of the then-under construction jughandle from 1 south to 522 east, which begins to the left of these photos. The last photo is on Promenade Blvd. east, facing south. Taken by Lou Corsaro.
Eastern End

522 ends at CR 537 in Freehold.

537 west. "TO" is incorrect. Second photo taken by Lou Corsaro.

537 east.

522 east at 537. Taken by Lou Corsaro.

522 west, Throckmorton St. in Freehold. Taken by Lou Corsaro.
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