New Jersey Roads - Route Log - 5xx Ends - 519 Truck

CR 519 Truck Ends

519 Truck is signed around the CR 519 multiplex with NJ 122 and the sharp corner where 519 and 122 diverge by following 122 east to US 22 west. It is not in the SLD's and probably not an official (i.e. state-recognized) route.
Southern End

The southern end of 519 Truck is where 519 meets 122 in Pohatcong.

519 north at 122, where 519 will head west and 519 Truck will head east. Taken 5/12/07 by Lou Corsaro.

122 west at 519 as 519 Truck ends.

122 west/519 north from the end of 519 Truck.
Northern End

The northern end of 519 Truck is where 519 meets 22 in Greenwich Twp.

22 east at 519. 519 Truck begins straight ahead as indicated by the "Truck Route" sign.

22 west/519 Truck north approaching the end of 519 Truck at 519.
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