New Jersey Roads - Route Log - 5xx Ends - 517 Alt

CR 517 Alt Ends

517 Alt was a circuitous bypass of CR 517 from Sparta through Hamburg. It followed Sussex CR 616 (Sparta Ave.) west from 517, north on CR 663, then north via NJ 94 and NJ 15 to CR 661 (Beaver Run Rd.). From the end of CR 661 it followed NJ 94 back to CR 517 in McAfee.
Historic Southern End

517 Alt's southern end was at 517 and CR 616 in Sparta.
Historic Northern End

517 Alt's northern end was at 94 and 517 in McAfee.

517 south turns left onto 94 north. 517 Alternate south began ahead on 94 south.

94 south/517 north at the former northern end of 517 Alternate (left, with 94). 517 north turns right.
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