New Jersey Roads - Route Log - 5xx Ends - 514

CR 514 Ends
Western End

514 ends at US 202/NJ 31 outside Ringoes. NJ 179 continues from there.

514 west at its end.

31/202 north at 514. 179 ends on the left. Taken by Chris Mason.

31/202 south at 514, at a reverse jughandle just south of 179.

179 north ends at 31/202 and 514 east begins ahead. Second photo taken by Chris Mason.
Historic Eastern End

514 ended at 439 in Elizabeth.

439 east at Lidgerwood Ave., taken by Lou Corsaro.

First reassurance shield on Lidgerwood Ave., taken by Lou Corsaro. It should be "West" instead of "South".

Incorrect "end" marker on 514 east at Park Ave. 514 turns right here and then left on Lidgerwood Ave.
Eastern End

514 ends at Washington Ave. in Elizabeth.
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