New Jersey Roads - Route Log - 5xx Ends - 510

CR 510 Ends
Western End

510 ends at CR 513 in Chester.

513 north/Main St., which is historic NJ 24 east, at the beginning of 510. Historic NJ 24 followed CR 510 from here to Morristown.

513 south at the beginning of 510.

The old sign assembly replaced by the signs in the first photo on 513 south above. Taken by Scott Colbert.

510 west at its end at 513.
Eastern End

510 ends at NJ 21 in Newark.

510 west begins along Market St. Photos taken 1/23/2021 amidst construction.

510 east ends. Photos taken 1/23/2021.

Market St. west at 21. 510 begins ahead.
Historic Eastern End

Until sometime after 1973, 510 continued through Newark on Market St./Raymond Blvd. and ended at US 1 Truck/US 9 Truck at US 1/US 9.

Ferry St. east, former 510, becoming 1/9 Truck north.

Raymond Blvd., former 510, west from 1/9 Truck under 1/9.

1/9 Truck south underneath 1/9 (Pulaski Skyway). While the ramp to the right technically is still 1/9 Truck as signed, it becomes 1/9 upon merging with the local lane ramp from the Pulaski Skyway.
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