New Jersey Roads - Route Log - 5xx Ends - 509 Spur

CR 509 Spur Ends

509 Spur was the new name for what used to be CR 577 south of NJ 124/82. The Straight Line Diagrams now officially have designated it as part of 577 again.
Historic Southern End

The southern end of 509 Spur was at CR 509 in Westfield.

577 south, historically 509 Spur, at 509.

509 south at 577. 509 turns left and historic 509 Spur was straight.

Nomahegan Dr. south proceeds straight into 509 south at the intersection. 509 north is to the left and 509 Spur north was to the right.

509 north from 577/historic 509 Spur.
Historic Northern End

The northern end of 509 Spur was at 124 in Springfield.

124 east at Meisel Ave. where it turns right onto 577 south. NJ 82 begins ahead and 509 Spur formerly began to the right. First photo taken by Chris Mason.

82 west ends at 577 south. 124 west comes in from the right and 124 east joins 577 south. 509 Spur formerly began to the left here instead of 577.
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