New Jersey Roads - Route Log - 5xx Ends - 508 Spur

CR 508 Spur Ends

Western End

508 Spur ends at CR 508 (Whittingham Pl.) in West Orange.

508 Spur west at 508, which comes in from the left.

508 east. 508 Spur continues to the left on Northfield Ave.

508 Spur east from 508.
Eastern End

508 Spur ends at Main St. (CR 659) in West Orange by the Orange border.

508 Spur east at its end. The only eastbound reassurance sign incorrectly refers to "Alt."

Valley Rd. north at 508 Spur just west of Main St., which you can see to the right. The overhead for Northfield Ave. shows CR 508, not Spur.
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