New Jersey Roads - Route Log - 5xx Ends - 508

CR 508 Ends
Western End

The western end of 508 is at the Livingston Circle, NJ 10/Eisenhower Parkway (CR 609).

NJ 10 east in the Livingston Circle. 508 east begins to the right ahead.

Traffic signal overhead on NJ 10 east in the Circle. 508 is to the right on Northfield Ave (not Rd).
Eastern End

508 ends at NJ 7 in Kearny.

The end of 508 east and the historic beginning of 506 west.

The first overhead signage on 508 west (a U-turn ramp back to 7 east).

7 west where 508 begins and 506 used to begin, before signage was replaced.

Replaced shields in 2005.
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