New Jersey Roads - Route Log - 5xx Ends - 506 Spur

CR 506 Spur Ends
Western End

The western end of 506 Spur is at CR 506 (Bloomfield Ave.) in Glen Ridge.

506 Spur east.

506 Spur west ends.

506 east. Bloomfield Ave. continues as 506 Spur and 506 turns left onto Highland Ave.

506 west approaching 506 Spur on Highland Ave.

506 east leaving 506 Spur.

506 west leaving 506 Spur.
Eastern End

506 Spur ends at NJ 21 in Newark.

506 Spur east at its end.

506 Spur west from 21.

Clay St. west at 21. 506 Spur begins ahead.

Looking across 21 from 506 Spur onto Clay St.

21 south at the beginning of 506 Spur.

21 north at Clay St. 506 Spur ends at left.

21 north past 506 Spur to Clark St., the beginning of a jughandle to get to Clay St. and 506 Spur. The last photo is at the end of Clark St. (Passaic St.). All of these signs should include "SPUR".

The first westbound reassurance was at Bloomfield Ave and Broadway, but was removed during redevelopment. The first reassurance is now just after Bloomfield Ave. begins.
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