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CR 506/Historic NJ 9 Ends

NJ 9 overlapped 506 until 1953. Since none of the route was state maintained, 9 was removed in 1953.
Western End

The western end of 506 is at NJ 159 in Fairfield. 1940s maps show 9 along various pieces of what is now 159, but I believe that more likely indicates unofficial signing to US 46 for continuity as opposed to 9 actually being extended.

Looking east along the westbound and eastbound lanes of 506.

159 east bears left and 506 east begins to the right.

506 west ends at 159, which is ahead and to the right at this channelized intersection.

159 east from the end of 506.

159 west entering Bloomfield Ave. at the end of 506.

159 west from 506.
Eastern End

506 ends at the Essex/Hudson County border over the Passaic River, where NJ 7 picks back up.

506 east ends at the NJ 21 overpass just before this bridge at the county line and 7 east begins again at that point.

7 west ends across this drawbridge and 506 begins.

506 west and the first reassurance for 506. Officially, 7 west ended at the bridge just behind this photo and 7 north-south is straight ahead on Washington Ave. Second photo was taken 12/8/02 by Charlie O'Reilly.

Main St. south at 506 and 7, in the shadow of the NJ 21 freeway. 7 is to the left and 506 is to the right.
Historic Eastern End

506 used to multiplex with 7 to the current 7/508 junction.

The end of 508 east and the historic beginning of 506 west.

7 west where 506 used to begin and 508 still begins, before signage was replaced.

Replaced shields in 2005, still showing 506.
Historic Extended Eastern End

There are indications that during its life, 9 was extended to Jersey City along 7 to end at US 1/9 Truck at Charlotte Circle, or at least signed that far. 506 was likely signed that way as well for a time before being pulled back to 508.

1/9 Truck south at the beginning of 7/historic 9/historic 506 prior to construction of the new Wittpenn Bridge.

7/historic 9/historic 506 east at its end, continuing on the ramp toward 1/9 south.
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