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NJ 5 Ends

Historic Western End

In 1927, 5 was defined to end in downtown Paterson, likely at Market and Main Streets. 5 was redefined in 1929 to its current western end, but was likely signed to Paterson into the 1930s until NJ 6/US 46 were built as a southern bypass. Some maps shown 6/46 on Market St. before the bypass was completed, so 5 may only have been signed in locations already bypassed by the new 6/46 east of Paterson.

This is the northeast corner of Main and Market Streets. 5 originally began to the right.

Looking north along Main St. at the southwest corner of Market St.
Western End

5 ends at US 1/US 9 in Ridgefield.

1/9 north at 5.

5 east from 1/9.

1/9 south from the end of 5.
Eastern End

5 ends at CR 505 in Edgewater.

505 south at 5. 5 west begins to the right.

505 north at 5.

5 west from 505.
Historic Eastern End

The original definition of 5 extended along CR 505 to ferry docks by Dempsey Ave. in Edgewater. Even after the ferry stopped operating, the definition remained until about 2000-2001.

505 south at Dempsey Ave., the historic end of 5 east.

505 north where 5 west historically began.
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