New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - 49

NJ 49 Ends

Western End

49 ends at I-295/US 40 and the south ends of US 130 and 700 (NJ Turnpike) in Pennsville.

295 north/40 east at the beginnings of 49, 130, and 700. Second photo taken by Alex Nitzman.

Old signs corresponding to the second photo above. Taken 3/95 by Alex Nitzman.

Advance signage on 40 west/700 south for an exit on 40 west/295 south, and then the overhead signage on 40 west/295 south right after 700 south ends. Second photo taken 1/15/02 by Ray Martin.

130 south at its end. It continues straight as 49 east. Second photo taken by Adam Froehlig.

Aerial photo of the NJ side of the Delaware Memorial Bridge. 49 enters from center right and ends over 40/295.
Historic Western End

49 ended at NJ 45 in Salem until 1953 and the rest of the road west was part of NJ 44.
Eastern End

49 ends at NJ 50/CR 557 in Tuckahoe.

50/557 south from the end of 49. They split a block later.
Historic Eastern End

49 ended at the east end of what is now NJ 83 at US 9 in Dennis until 1953.
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