New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - 47

NJ 47 Ends

Southern End

47 ends at Atlantic Avenue in Wildwood.

Street sign at the south end of 47.

First sign on 47 north, taken by Scott Colbert.
Historic Southern End

47 ended at the east end of what is now NJ 49 at NJ 50 in Tuckahoe until 1953.

50/CR 557 south from the end of 49/historic 47. They split a block later.
Northern End

47 ends at US 130 in Brooklawn while concurrent with CR 551.

Brooklawn Circle and the end of 47 north seen from Big Timber Creek on 47/551.

47/551 north at the circle.

130 north/551 south inside the Brooklawn Circle where they split and 551 south joins the beginning of 47 south. The second photo was taken by Chris Mason.
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