New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - 6/US 46

US 46/Historic NJ 6 Ends

6 was removed from US 46 in 1953. It always ended at the Delaware Bridge, even before US 46 did.
Western End

US 46 ends at I-80 in Columbia, Knowlton Twp.

Simpson Rd. southeast in Columbia, leading to 94 just north of the 46/80 interchange.

80 east at the beginning of 46, which is almost a wye split because the US 611 mainline used to follow what is now 46 onto 94.

80 west at 94 and the beginning of 46. The Delaware Water Gap is straight ahead in the first photo and the second photo is on the westbound Exit 4 ramp. Exit 4B is also for 94 south, which leads to PA 611.
Original Western End

Until 1941, US 46 entered Pennsylvania on the original Portland-Columbia Bridge from downtown Columbia.

Washington St. north at Green St. in Columbia. NJ 8 north (now NJ 94 bypassing town) historically turned right here and 46 west turned left onto the old bridge.

Looking east along historic 46 at the abutment that supported the original bridge. It intersects 8 in the background, with 8 north straight ahead and 8 south to the right with 46 east.

Historic 46 east turning right onto 8 south.

This pedestrian bridge north of the modern NJ 94 Portland-Columbia Bridge is on the piers of the original bridge that 46 crossed, entering Pennsylvania midspan.
Historic Truncated Western End

For unclear reasons, US 46 was rerouted in 1941 onto the Delaware Bridge that has since been removed. It stayed there until 1953 and this is now the stub of NJ 163.

The first two photos are now the end of 163 north, but 46 west continued into Pennsylvania when the bridge was intact. The last two photos were taken by Myles Putman in 1979.

The former ramp from 46 east to what was then NJ 94 north now connects the north end of 163 to 46.
Historic Western End

In December 1953, US 611 was rerouted into New Jersey on two new bridges and 46 was truncated to the Portland-Columbia Bridge approach. 611 was moved back into Pennsylvania in 1965 and replaced with NJ 94, but 46 still ended at 94 until I-80 was complete east of Exit 4 in 1973.

46 west at 94. The ramp to the right joins 94 north. 46 now merges with it as well just prior to the ramp to 80 west.

94 north on the Columbia Bridge at 46. 46 east began to the right via a ramp.

46 east began as 94 south, and before it 611 south, took the ramp toward Portland, PA.
Eastern End

46 ends at the New York state line on the George Washington Bridge with US 1/US 9/I-95 in Fort Lee.

1/9/95 north on the bridge's Upper Level as 46 ends. Taken 5/5/02 by Chris Mason.

1/9/95 north on the Lower Level as 46 ends. Taken 8/24/99 by Ray Martin.

"Entering New York" on the Lower Level.

1/9/95 south at the state line on the Upper Level as 46 begins.

1/9/95 south at the state line on the Lower Level as 46 begins. Taken 8/24/99 by Ray Martin.
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